New app aims to make it easier to learn Gaelic, Irish and Welsh!

Gaelic, Irish, Welsh

If you always wanted to learn Gaelic, Irish or Welsh but were put off by the pronunciation, help may soon be at hand with the development of our new app. We launched the project on Kickstarter and we would welcome your support.

Our Kickstarter Campaign

Using speech recognition technology, the app provides feedback on your pronunciation, so that you can practice and improve your Gaelic, Irish or Welsh. The app development is being led by Braw Media. We are a digital development company based in Edinburgh and our aim is to make it easier to learn how to pronounce new languages.

Everyone who is interested in learning Welsh, Gaelic or Irish is invited to pledge their support and in return receive great rewards. The project must reach its target on Kickstarter or no pledges will be taken – this ensures there is enough funding to deliver the project. For example if 813 people pledge £15 – the project will reach its goal. We would appreciate your support. We have already received 19% of our funding goal.

For speech recognition to work, each language needs its own language model and reference source for analysing speech. These language models already exist for mainstream languages but not for Gaelic, Irish and Welsh. We want to employ Edinburgh University to help develop these models so that speech recognition can be used for pronunciation analysis.

People using the app can select different languages (Gaelic, Irish or Welsh) and different courses from beginner onwards.
As well as a ‘Welcome Pack’ and a ‘Beginners Course’ there are different courses ‘Levels 1-3’. You can pledge different amounts to receive different courses. Content will play on either an IOS (iPhone or iPad) or an Android device. We have also created a Family Fun Pack with content suitable for younger children- so family members can test themselves and see who gets the best pronunciation score.

• Promotes language learning – encouraging more people to learn Welsh!
• Suitable for all generations with a mobile phone.
• Helps build confidence in speaking Gaelic.
• Different modules and levels to help maintain interest.

We would welcome your support! – Our Kickstarter Campaign


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