Tips on making a Gaelic video on your mobile phone

Using a mobile phone is the easiest way to make a short video clip featuring Gaelic.

  • Pick a short Gaelic phrase, ideally 5-10 seconds long. The aim is to help encourage beginners and to highlight Gaelic around the World.
  • Please video in landscape.
  • Write down the phrase in Gaelic, you will need to submit this with your video.
  • Check that you can shoot video on your phone and that it is working. If in doubt ask a friend to help.
  • We just need a head shot, so suggest standing no more than 6ft from camera if friend is helping or closer if you are making a selfie. If you stand too far away the audio may not be very clear.
  • We are not looking for Broadcast quality – more a fun approach.  Can be indoors or outdoors.
  • You can submit more than one video if  you would like to record more than one phrase.
  • Don’t worry if someone has already done the phrase you would like to do – this will help show the pronunciation differences between different dialects, genders and age groups.
  • Your video will only be used by Braw Media to promote the Gaelic language and not used for any other purpose.
  • Our aim is to feature the spoken Gaelic language by using digital media to help encourage more people to learn.

Submit your Gaelic video here