Braw Media are developing apps to make it easier to learn languages.

Our goal is to help many more people build the confidence to pronounce new languages. As you repeat a phrase the mobile app gives you immediate feedback on your pronunciation, so that step by step you can improve your pronunciation and achieve your fluency goals.

Our focus is on Gaelic, Irish and Welsh – building synergies and technical solutions to benefit everyone learning these languages.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and the processing power of mobile phones has provided the pathway to explore new algorithms and processes that can be adapted to suit language learning and the development of apps that focus on pronunciation analysis.

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    Promotes language learning

    Students can practice in their own time

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    Builds confidence

    At the early stage of language learning

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    Collective Analysis

    Improves teaching services and group progress

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    Learning Goals

    Different levels and goals increase engagement

Developing the core functionality will require considerable effort and investment. Our plan is to bring together some of the leading ‘speech recognition’ minds from Scottish universities to develop the core functionality, that will then be further modified for different operating systems such as IOS, Android and Windows.

Kickstarter Target

Kickstarter Campaign – to fund university research and the development of a fully functioning prototype our aim is to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise £25,000. Supporters of the campaign will be the first to test the app. If you are interested in promoting minority languages and the development of new language learning tools we would therefore greatly appreciate your support!

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Help kickstart the development of apps that help improve pronunciation!