Braw Media are developing apps to make it easier to learn languages.

Gaelic, Irish or Welsh – our goal is to help many more people build the confidence to pronounce new languages. As you repeat a phrase the mobile app gives you immediate feedback on your pronunciation, so that step by step you can improve your pronunciation and achieve your fluency goals.

Digital Innovation – when it comes to learning tools and digital innovation, minority languages often miss out – further increasing the gap between minority and mainstream languages. Our goal is to help address this issue.

Research & Development – working with universities, our aim is to develop exciting new language technologies to help people learn Gaelic, Welsh and Irish. Automated speech recognition has made excellent progress – we would like to see how it can help people learn new languages.

Gaelic Twitter Map

If you tweet in Gaelic or with the hashtag #Gaelic or #Gàidhlig, check out our Gaelic Twitter Map. Every day Gaelic tweets from around the World are automatically mapped.

Special thanks to Ian Clayton
who suggested the idea!

Help kickstart the development of apps that help make it easier to learn new languages.